New Orleans: through the fog


Our first week back in New Orleans has been foggy and rainy.  It sounds silly, but my favourite thing about being here is just being here.  I've been inspired to get out and take some pictures again.  I'm finding myself drawn to bits of shine.  I've been embracing a muted colour palate and I've loved hunting for unique signage and fonts.

Saturday Zen


I ran into this little guy at one of my favourite cafes in New Orleans this week.  He really seemed to be living his life, you know?  Happy Saturday!

When 10 months away feels like 10 months too many.


It took 16 hours longer than we expected, and a surprise sleepover in Washington, but this week we went from one extreme to the other.  

Oh, New Orleans. It's so good to be back.

Just a few of my favourite sights from our first few hours back.

Saturday Zen


I'm in the most comfy hotel bed right now and I don't want to get out, ever.  Sigh.

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